Wind Storm 2011  (Wednesday, November 30, 2011)


Here are a few photos taken in our neighborhood showing some of the trees down as a result of the high winds on the night of November 30, 2011.   The photos were taken on Friday, and only reflect the damage within about three blocks of our house.   Damage in other areas was even more extensive.   Most of the damage was falling trees and limbs, but relatively little dwelling damage. 

Power was out at our house from Wednesday night (11/30/11) until Saturday morning.  Win and Millie got power back Sunday morning.   Power is still out in large parts of the neighorhood - we are lucky to have ours back.  We ran an extension cord across the street to provide power to our neighbors' refrigerator.   Owning a portable generator starts to sound attractive.

Our AT&T phone service is still out, but Win and Millie never lost their phones. 

Our Verizon Wireless iPhones are working just fine.  We kept them charged using a battery powered Turbo Charger.   This worked well, and kept us in contact.  

Our Dish Network satellite was blown free from its mounting, but it is back in place as of Monday morning.

Champion Cable came back up late Saturday, giving us back our Internet connection.

We lost three sections of a cedar fence on our east side, but John and Winn repaired it over the weekend, just as good as new.

While the first day or so of camping inside the house was sort of fun, once the house temperature dropped to below 60 degrees, inspite of fires in both fireplaces, the novelty wore thin.  But we (and Win and Millie) are all well, and thankful we had so little damage.


John & Nancy

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