Emily's Playhouse Weeks 2&3

Please click on a photo thumbnail to see it in display size.

Monday & Tuesday - installed porch deck and front posts

Thursday and Friday - completed rafters and added roof sheeting

Saturday - had to move the playhouse 6 inches to meet local building codes - here we are placing pipe for rollers

Adjusting the rollers

Playhouse is up on rollers, moving easily to new location

High Fives - the move is completed!

Saturday - roofing the playhouse

Sunday - wrap is on and four windows were installed

Sunday - end of second week - and it finally looks like a playhouse!

Monday - exterior siding has been installed, ready to insulate and drywall.

Wednesday - insulation is in, and drywall is partially on

A little more drywalling to complete

Friday - interior and exterior are complete, ready for trim. Door frame is installed

Saturday afternoon - the playhouse has its Dutch door! It still needs base trim, corner trim, drywall taping, and painting, but it's playable.