Emily's Playhouse Photos

Emily and Garrett's Playhouse - First Week Construction Photos

This playhouse is basically a 10' x 10' playhouse, 3/4 scale (vertically), with four single hung windows, a Dutch front door, and a 32" deep front porch.  It will have a hip roof, and exposed rafter tails.  It is built in a corner of the yard, facing the swimming pool.  All the outside walls join at 45 degree angles.

Please click on a photo thumbnail to see it in display size.

Monday - This is the laydown area for all the building materials 

e's where the playhouse will go

First load of materials in the Yukon -- this was all the Yukon could carry 

Floor joists stacked, ready to cut 

Lumber for the walls and roof, plus the windows 

Tuesday-Wednesday - Floor joists and subfloor in place. The exposed framing is where the front porch deck will go. 

Wednesday - Most of the walls up 


Thursday - All
the walls are up

Friday-Saturday - Roof
framing on the back half of the playhouse

view of roof framing

pile with deck materials added