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This is a fun place for us to share our hobbies and projects.


The Sewing Table is where Nancy creates clothing for our grandchildren, and doll dresses for their American Girl Dolls.

Natalie's bed was a creation by Grandpa.

The Doll Dresses album is a small sample of the American Girl doll dresses Nancy has created.

Emily and Garrett's Playhouse was built in mid-May, 2008.  Built to fit into a corner of the yard, all of the corners of this playhouse meet at 45 degree angles.

Christmas 2008 - John built a cooking center for Emily and Garrett's playhouse, and a doll clothes closet for Natalie.

2009 Projects - features some Christmas gifts for our granddaughters

John's Shop Images - shows photos of some of John's shop jigs

New Hardwood Floors - photos of our house transition from carpet to hardwood floors

Doll Armoires - here are photos of three of the armoire's John has made for Nancy and his granddaughters.

Christmas 2011 - Nancy made dresses for Emily's Dolls - photos are here.

John made a sewing desk for Natalie for her 12th birthday.  Photos are here

In January 2012, we had our backyard re-landscaped. Progress and completion photos are here.

In September, 2013, we bought a condo at our favorite mountain lake.  Here's the Condo site link -- the site is a work in progress. 


We traveled to Japan in May of 2005 to visit with our friends.  We've posted a few photos from that trip.

We visited the Scottish highlands in September of 2006.  Here are a few photos from that trip.

We spent 3 1/2 weeks in New Zealand in early 2008.  Photos from that trip will be posted shortly (well, it's 2010 and they are still not posted - sorry)

We chased the Fall Colors in New Hampshire and Vermont between October 6-20, 2009.  Photos are posted here.

Special Occasions:

Check out the nifty birthday cakes that our daughter makes!


SCE Hiking Group Website

Fall Colors Trip

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Wind Storm 2011 - photos from the November 30, 2011 windstorms in southern California

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