John's Shop Images

This page features images of some of the specialty jigs and fixtures that John has created for use in his shop.

Splitter for Delta Unisaw:  I added a Delta Removable Splitter - Delta Part Number 1349941, to my left-tilt Delta Unisaw, then fabricated a new splitter without the anti-kickback pawls.  Images are below:

This shows the splitter in the mount. The splitter sticks about 3/4" above the table, high enough to keep the kerf from closing behind the saw blade, but short enough to allow push sticks to pass by it easily.


This shows the splitter face-on.












Here is the splitter removed.

The splitter itself is made from 1/8x1" steel, and sits about 1/2" proud of the table top when inserted. For the locating stud, I used a 3/8" hex bolt, threaded into the splitter, with a locking nut on the back side. The spacing between the head and the splitter fits the splitter holder. The splitter is aligned directly behind the 1/8" kerf blade, so all the sliding tools simply slide past. When I need pawls, I insert the original Delta (removable) splitter.

This image shows that the 3/8" bolt has a gap (about 1/4") on the left side of the splitter, which slides into the mounting bracket.  For a right tilt saw, the gap would need to be on the other side.

Here's the splitter projecting above the blade insert.  Note, the splitter shown was the first one I made - it projects up about 1" - I have since made a second which is shorter.